I've made a mess of things.

So in looking at the last entry on this page, it was done in 2010. During the intervening four years, I have treated the software on this page in a way I can only describe as extreme neglect. I am pretty embarrassed.

Don't get me wrong, I had good reasons for it. Over the past year, it has been difficult to concentrate on anything at all that's not directly related to survival. I even had to turn off the wiki page for another project I was hosting because I simply could not take care of it.

I seem to be turning the corner, but I'm not entirely sure how yet.

Rofldns maintenance

Rofldns has an interesting history. It is originally taken from djbdns, which is a very secure implementation of the DNS standard. The author of djbdns, however, a guy named Daniel Bernstein (AKA DJB), is a fairly quirky software author. Until around 2007, he didn't even allow his software to be distributed in any way but completely unmodified - you could only distribute patches. No one doubts the quality of software, but DJB insisted on pretty much reimplementing everything himself.

rofldns announced

I am announcing the first release of rofldns.  This is a fork of loldns, after the maintainer did not respond to an inquiry as to whether he would like my patches.

The major change over loldns is that it now runs properly under automake.

A couple of gotchas are in the README file.  This has only been tested under x86_64, and needs further testing before I will call it stable.

See the download page for the latest release.

Documentation moved.

Please note that I have moved the PacketBL documentation to this website, finding a couple bits of rather tasteless wikispam while I was at it.  The old wiki documentation will be removed/redirected.Please let me know if any additions or changes are needed.

Additional bugs discovered

Julian reports that his bug didn't quite fix the issues he is seeing, and therefore another release will be coming out soon.

Unfortunately, this is exposing some serious issues in my release process.  I do not use packetbl myself at the moment (long story), so testing it is proving to be somewhat problematic.  However, I can't keep collecting patches blindly and making multiple releases to fix the same issue.  So I think before I make the next release I am going to somehow implement a test suite.

PacketBL 0.6-beta4 released

Julien Reveret submitted a patch to a bug that somehow got past me - this bug is a signing error that basically makes matching much less effective to useless.  Upgrading is strongly urged.

Packetbl is back!

So, as you might have noticed, I am starting to maintain packetbl again, after years of letting it slip. It does not reflect on me to have a project with potential languishing, especially in this economy. Along with the new emphasis on maintaining it, there is also a bug tracker and subversion respository, and some kind of forum or mail list is coming soon.

Please feel free to submit your patches, etc. I would like to see this project continue to be useful. And I apologize for letting it slip, there were lots of things that got in the way.

Packetbl 0.6beta3 released

A bug was found in packetbl 0.6beta2 that pretty much made it useless. This bug is fixed in 0.6beta3. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Get it Here.

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